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abacus basics
Ernesto Yunes
This free program open the window to the financial markets. Join our community & enjoy our 3-session course that will give you the necessary tools to buy your first stocks. 
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How the stock market works. 
The United States Stock Market is home to the two largest Stock Exchanges in the world.  The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ will let you invest in more than 5,000 American companies. Through our Academic Programs you will learn how to become a professional investor and trader with a wide range of different investing skills, that will go from Value Investing to Day Trading and Swing Trading. 
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Stock marketing for young Professionals.
Fundamental Analysis is useful for understanding the future growth of a company but it is with Technical Analysis that we predict when that growth is about to start. In this lesson you’ll learn when is the time to buy using Support and Resistance while managing your risk with advanced orders.

Bonus! You’ll also learn how to buy your first stock using Virtual Money on TradingView!
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Foundations for understanding asset mix and global Investments
In the last lesson of Abacus Basics you’ll learn the preferred asset type to invest in by most investors in Wall Street and Worldwide, ETFs, These a are pre-build whole stocks portfolios already build for you by the most important Financial Institutions in the world, like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Vanguard Group.

The average return of the largest ETFs in Wall Street is 25% Yearly.
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Foundations for understanding asset mix and global investments. Stock market opportunities in the global markets.
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Meeting the richest people
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

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